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At "Agility Moments", we help leaders and leadership teams discover their moments of agility and act in those moments, amid uncertainty & risks. By co-creating with those leaders, we consult their organizations to approach their Organization Design/Re-design initiatives more scientifically and systematically.

Agility Moments is co-creation initiative lead by Jayaprakash Puttaswamy [often called as JP in agility and leadership space].

JP is supported by a team of global consultants and coaches who have aligned their life to add value to customers. What the coaches at Agility Moments, love most about guiding & coaching is the opportunity it provides them, to do a deep inquiry about self and to impact other human beings' lives through co-creation and growing together.

Core Purpose

To help leaders develop their awareness, capacity and ability to act amid uncertainty and risks, in a transformational context.

Core Values

CO-CREATION - Sharing the risks in creative problem solving.
INTEGRITY - Walking the talk, with everyone and always.


Co-create with us

What We Serve

Leadership Development and Organizational Design Consulting Services for transformational initiatives


Our Education services can help leaders to equip themselves in leading their personal leadership transformation journey! In addition, we also provide focused education to build skills & competencies needed, for modern professionals in a transformational context.


Our Coaching services can help leaders to guide their personal transformation journey as well as, to co-create their organizational transition journey along with their colleagues & partners.


Our Consulting services can help organizations in their Org-design/re-design initiatives. We help leaders in experimenting with their organization culture, structure, polices and metrics and consult to make their transition sustainable.


Our Reflection services can help both leaders and their organizations to reflect their leadership effectiveness and Organizational Agility.


Our Leadership Development Models

The models we use to educate and coach leaders, are well grounded on research and practice.


As Agile Leadership Journey (ALJ) Guides, we collaborate globally to improve leadership awareness and execution in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing industries.


As Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching (MGSCC) executive coaches, we help leaders to develop their professional competencies needed for 21st century. We do so with Guaranteed & Measurable growth.


Through our "Execution Agility Model", we help professionals (including leaders) in a transformational context, to act amid uncertainty and risks. We do so by altering their context within which they operate. We use Systems Thinking, Lean Thinking and Product Thinking, backed with Ontology based coaching

Why Agility Moments?

We co-create outcomes with our clients and share their risks equally. We are driven by Integrity, always.


Clients Impacted


Leaders Coached


Professionals Educated


Professionals Mentored

Jayaprakash Puttaswamy

Founder and Agility Coach

About JP

JP is an Agility Coach focused on helping leaders and organizations discover & lead their transformation journey, by balancing various "agility" initiatives and aligning them with meaningful business and customer outcomes!

JP is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Practitioner of the Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360). Using this stakeholder-centered coaching approach, JP helps successful leaders to become even better by being high on courage, humility and discipline.

JP is an Agile Leadership Journey Guide (ALJ Guide) and educates leaders on awareness and practice of agile leadership across Asia. He partners with Pete Behrens from AgileLeadershipJourney and several ALJ Guides serving the leadership globally.

JP is also a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) from Scrum Alliance and helps organizations adopt agile ways of working at scale.


Leaders from our clients co-create their growth journey, thereby helping us grow with them!

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